Automated multi-sample tensile testing at the push of a button.

Stop wasting time watching samples break. Let the CubeOne™ robot test for you.

Load up to 12 test samples, walk away, and get a data report in under 20 minutes.

Simple 3 step Process

Step 1

Load up to 12 samples into the CubeOne.

Step 2


Step 3

Receive your full data report in less than 20 minutes.


4x more accurate

Up to 10x more consistent.

20x faster than current methods

(240 samples per man-hour)

Secure cloud based data

(accessible and downloadable from anywhere in the world)

How the CubeOne works

Step 1:
Robotic arm automatically load and unloads samples.

Step 2:
Smart grips ensure accurate and consistent tests every time.

Step 3:
An omega load cell and proprietary high accuracy vision extensometer collect all the test data required.

Step 4:
Our easy to use software analyzes the data, creates a data report and makes the data available on any device.

Events and Tradeshows


October 9 – 11, 2019

Accurate rubber testing at the push of a button