About Us

As you may already know, the task of repeatedly loading and unloading samples from a testing machine is not a pleasant one. 3 years ago, this was our story. As a group of engineers who had to carry out sample tests day in and day out, we thought:

why do we need to sit in front of a machine all day, when in fact it could operate all by itself?

We went out and spoke with over 100 professionals in the rubber industry (technical directors, operations managers, owners, presidents, you name it) and alas: almost every one of them said the industry needed a faster and better way to test samples. So starting in 2016 we began building and designing our first prototype.

Fast track to today, after 6 prototype iterations, over 10,000 samples tested, and a large round of venture capital investment from investors who believe in our vision, we are ready to release our first limited-production testing robot to the world: the CubeOne.

This journey has been both amazing and humbling at the same time, with our team growing from 3 engineers to over 8 today.


151 Charles St W, Kitchener, ON N2G 1H6, Canada
(519) 749-5234

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